Christmas is upon us which means we are entering into a season of watching and waiting and preparing for the birth of Christ. What a beautiful thing we get to do. We don't want to miss it this year, with the hustle and bustle, we want our hearts to truly be ready for Christmas to come. So we began to decorate our home this weekend and it just feels cozier and happier and full of a bit more peace. Happy advent everyone!

destroy (!!)

This pup has been in full on destroy mode these last few weeks. He got a haircut and all of the sudden, gained all sorts of power and confidence ... and has since decided to tear our material lives to shreds. Shoes, pillows, rugs, blazers, you name it. It's fine though, I guess. Teaching us not to value material things? Last week I came home to my anthro mags ripped to pieces all over the house. It was raining fashion dreams. Instead of throwing my hands up in defeat, I just photographed the scene of the crime. Gus: 8, Al&Meg: 0.

garage sales

There is something so fantastic about garage sales I can hardly stand it. Hidden gems just waiting to be discovered (or re-discovered) around every corner, I mean, it's just exhilarating. Here are a few of our new (old) treasures that have found their way into our home this year. No, we really haven't any place to put these new discoveries (hence the brass bed under the current bed), but we are suckers for a good deal. They need to be finished and painted and polished, but for now, they are perfect. There's just something about building a home that you've really worked for that makes me so very happy.