it's getting so very cold !!!

So soup it is, for supper.

Smokey and spicy yet tangy and fresh; just too many flavors to choose from! A few notes: this recipe did not make a plethora of meal, like most soups make-- 3-4 servings at most. We skipped the hominy because we couldn't find it at Whole Foods (and if Whole Foods doesn't have it, ain't nobody gone' have it). And one last note: do not leave olive oil soaked tortilla strips broiling in a hot oven, unattended, any longer than necessary. Your oven will catch on fire, your smoke alarm will go off, and your dog will be terrified. Maybe that happened tonight. Maybe we threw baking soda all over the kitchen to get out the flames. And maybe we went to Chick-fil-A instead of eating these lovely leftovers.

Hello Monday, you have had your way with us.