catching up

Shooo wee! Where has the time gone? Remember that moment in life when you start a blog and then forget to ever post in it? Yeah, us too. The beginning to this new year has proved to be very busy, and thus, we are just now getting our feet back under us. Both Al and I celebrated birthdays in which, we became more adult than the year before. Years will do that to you.  Al went out of town for a guy's mountain weekend to Pigeon Forge (yeahhh c'mon) while I soaked up all of the goodness that our dear Athens has to offer with sweet friends. THEN WE WENT ON A CRUISE ... to the Bahamas ... with work {both of our work now !!!! } and have finally settled down. Those brackets are no mistake: I start a new job at Chick-fil-A tomorrow and I could not be more thankful and grateful and feel so incredibly undeserving. So here's a little update of the winter. We are looking forward to the Spring and all of the freshness that it is sure to bring.