family planning (part ii)

We rented a cabin in Blue Ridge last weekend to talk through hopes and plans for the New Year. I was a little nervous that we wouldn't be able to get too far with planning, being that there are a few big things up in the air this year, and trying to "plan" the unknown, in a world where you really have little control in the first place, brings me a touch of anxiety at times. But the weekend was more about what we want to become rather than specifically what we want to do. What words do we want to be known for, what non-negotiables do we want to stand for, and ultimately, how can we be more like Jesus? It's freeing to know that you don't have to strive and achieve each and every New Year, you simply get to let the Lord do his thing. Makes the unknowns of the future that much more manageable. My heart left the weekend was such a deep feeling of peace knowing that the Lord has gone before us and is already at work in the things to come.

*We shot our first roll of film this weekend as well from a sweet little vintage camera we got for Christmas. Hopefully there are a few gems on that roll. Having never loaded film into a camera before (hello pre-digital age), there is a very real chance that we didn't do it right and thus, no photos shall be born. We shall see!